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At Magnus Media Group,
we make it easy to show the world who you are – with video.

What goes into making video simple and turnkey for our clients?

Guidance.  Creativity.  Convenience.  Collaboration.

You’ll be guided all the way through the video production process, starting with an in-depth pre-production meeting
to help you determine the message you want to get across, and how to achieve that through video.

When it comes time for your video shoot, you don’t even have to leave your office or home.
We’re a mobile video studio: we come to you.

Putting our decades of experience to work, we then handle most of the administration and organization for your video project,
allowing you to focus your energy on your message…and your business.

Most people aren’t comfortable on camera.
That’s why we coach you – both remotely before the shoot, and in-person during the shoot –
so you can look and feel more comfortable and confident in your video.

Evolution of Video - Magnus Media Group

Professional Video Capture and Editing Done-for-You

Are you one of the people who wound up creating your own videos during the pandemic?
Some of the challenges you faced may include:

  • Having to do it all in one take because you don’t edit video.
  • Not having high-quality mics or lights.
  • Not being able to add sophisticated graphics and titling.

With us, you have the benefit of professional lighting, microphones, and cameras;
and over 30 years of combined video production experience.

We edit the video, so you can do multiple takes.
You don’t have to get it right all at once.
In “post-production” – that is, editing – we assemble the best takes for a seamless look and sound.

Finally, we add graphics, titling, and music for a polished, impactful, professional video that will help you connect with your ideal clients.

Whatever your project, we’ve got you covered.

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Twenty-Eight Years of Creating

Let’s chat

Every video we produce is custom, and we’re always ready for the fun challenge of creating something new for clients – while taking the stress of production off of you!

We’d love to meet you – via phone or video chat – to learn more about your organization, and what you’re looking for in a video.

To get started on your next video project – or just bounce your video ideas off us – follow the link below to set up a free consultation.

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We rock these four video niches:

This is the stuff we’re really good at. That we love to create.
The stuff that clients fly us all over the country to create for them.

Regardless of your needs, rest assured that we can deliver what we call “worry-free turn-key” video.

So, what does that mean to you?

We listen to what you want. We craft a plan (with direction from you, natch). And then we take charge.
All the pressure is off you (and on us!). Instead of sweating the details, your energy can go into the
experience of the event, the selling of your product or service, or the telling of your legacy story.

Then we deliver. On time. Every time.
And if you think that’s a given, well, let’s just say that’s not necessarily the case in our industry.

Working with us is easy. And fun.

We help people just like you transform one-dimensional ideas into the three-dimensional medium of video. And we do it with energy,
experience and expertise.

We’re a nimble, dynamic team. Think of us as your “mobile video studio”. From concept development to video capture to final editing, we’ve got you covered.

And just because this is our job, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it.
In fact, we love what we do. We’re going to have fun on your project
(and hope that you will too!).

Big. Small.
We’ve handled it all.

From single camera recordings of small meetings to full production
services (Lights! Camera! Action!) of live events, we’ve been all over the country, in all sorts of venues. We’re here to help you create a meaningful live experience that can be watched across your company (or the globe!).

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