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Evolution of video

It’s been around for about 100 years, but until recently video was pretty much the domain of big-time Hollywood movies, “artistic” independent filmmakers, and those crafting arcane documentaries (you know, the ones you reluctantly trundled off to in order to appear cool or sophisticated).

Oh yeah – and your parents, who probably took dozens of low-quality “movies” of your
childhood birthday parties with their state-of-the art Kodak Brownie 8MM video camera
(hey — back in the day, they were cutting edge!).

Fast forward to 2018 and video is everywhere (and we mean EVERYWHERE).
It seems like anyone who has a smartphone feels they can create “video.”

Evolution of Video - Magnus Media Group

Twenty-eight years
of creating “Wow!”

While this next generation of videographers was in pre-school, we were immersed in the world of video. Twenty-eight years-worth, to be exact.

And in that 28 years we learned all the
techniques and tricks to creating high-quality jaw-dropping video. We’re mavens of
delivering an equally awesome audio
experience too. No straining to understand
the speaker; no weird clicks and whistles. Simply superb, watchable video.

Seattle Based, Nationally Deployed.

Meet the talent

Twenty-Eight Years of Creating

we tell stories.
Your stories.

Whether you’re using video for business or pleasure, you’ve got something to say.

We’re great stewards of your story; partners in helping you bring your story to life.

We hear time and again that our clients find video complex, confusing, and — at its worst — confounding. Our job? Take the mystery, the hassle, and the pressure out of the video experience… leaving you to simply tell your story.

Watch our best work

We rock these four video niches:

This is the stuff we’re really good at. That we love to create.
The stuff that clients fly us all over the country to create for them.

Regardless of your needs, rest assured that we can deliver what we call “worry-free turn-key” video.

So, what does that mean to you?

We listen to what you want. We craft a plan (with direction from you, natch). And then we take charge.
All the pressure is off you (and on us!). Instead of sweating the details, your energy can go into the
experience of the event, the selling of your product or service, or the telling of your legacy story.

Then we deliver. On time. Every time.
And if you think that’s a given, well, let’s just say that’s not necessarily the case in our industry.

Working with us is easy-peasy. And fun.

We help people just like you transform one-dimensional ideas into the three-dimensional medium of video. And we do it with energy,
experience and expertise.

We’re a nimble, dynamic team. Think of us as your “mobile video studio”. From concept development to video capture to final editing, we’ve got you covered.

And just because this is our job, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it.
In fact, we love what we do. We’re going to have fun on your project
(and hope that you will too!).

The world is your oyster.
And your audience.

You can add professional video to your life or business by hiring us.
We know exactly how to deliver the quality results you want and need.
On time. Every time.