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You’re doing important work

Every non-profit or association has a cause. But for those not yet involved, a cause may lack meaning.

A cause will always resonate more deeply when there’s a story that can be shared.

Your story is going to be way more compelling than a statistic. Every single time. But statistics are a great support to your story.

Here’s the good news: video allows you to share both the story and the stat. Double whammy. 10x the impact.

Every group has a story. It’s bringing that story to life – in an intentional way – that gets you the results you need.

Challenge. Solution.

Challenge. Solution.
Your challenge: increase awareness, strengthen relationships, find money, connect with the community, share your message.

Your solution: intentional video storytelling.

Your group might be stretched pretty thin. Budgets are tight. Your to-do list can seem endless. You want to build awareness for your cause and keep both donors and volunteers happy and committed. Oh yeah – and you need a consistent stream of donations coming in the door.

And then you need to do all the marketing to make that happen: updating your website, staying relevant on social media, building email campaigns.

It’s no wonder that video storytelling is the last thing your group thinks they can handle.

That’s ok. Because we can.

Storytelling: the force behind fundraising
(and more)

Storytelling: the force behind fundraising <br />(and more)

Fundraising isn’t a sprint. Heck, it isn’t even a marathon. It’s a full-on, all-out triathlon (and sometimes it feels like you’ve been swimming more than 2.4 miles in heavy seas, biking in excess of 112 miles in high heat, and running far more than 26.2 miles over bumpy hill and swampy dale).

But it has to be done. In fact, it’s the lifeblood that keeps your group up and running. Ensuring sustainability. And allowing you to do the good work you’re committed to.

Truly great storytelling can dramatically change donor and volunteer behavior in all the ways you want to see (increased donation rates, deeper connections, higher volunteer levels).

And truly great storytelling is easily captured with video.

Video beyond traditional storytelling

Video beyond traditional storytelling

While storytelling videos are particularly effective, there are other ways your group can utilize video.

Event highlights can be highly effective, particularly if they include attendee interviews. And testimonial reels featuring both the beneficiaries of your group’s work and volunteers, can be enormously powerful.

Why should big businesses have all the fun?

Why should big businesses have all the fun?

Until recently, video was an unaffordable luxury for nonprofits and associations. Even those who could afford to have video created often lacked the ability to effectively leverage their investment.

Fast forward to the here and now. Videos are everywhere. And unlike other marketing media, the popularity of videos is on a wild upward trend. This is not a fad that’s going away. Video is here to stay.

Companies big and small, entrepreneurs, and municipalities have jumped on board. They’ve capitalized on the power of video – and they are seeing results.

Now it’s time for you to do the same.

What is video really going to do for us?

What is video really going to do for us?

We thought you’d never ask.

Video storytelling allows you to do all of the following (and much, much more):

  • Provide insight into your organization
  • Tell a “founding” story, and the story of today
  • Deconstruct stereotypes
  • Connect the dots between the story, your organization, those you serve, and a broader social conversation
  • Build relevance and urgency
  • Deliver values-driven messaging
  • Create community
  • Apply for grant funds
  • Establish emotional connections
  • Invite viewers to be part of the solution
  • Create awareness
  • Instigate action (volunteers, donations)
  • Clarify the significance of donor’s contribution
  • Promote your message
  • Increase your outreach via social sharing
  • Inspire leadership
  • Strengthen relationships between donors, volunteers, and the community
  • Demonstrate the impact of varying levels of financial support
  • Speak to the head and the heart

Leverage, leverage, leverage

Leverage, leverage, leverage

Leveraging video storytelling is one of the smartest ROIs your group may see.

That’s because video is easy to repurpose. On Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitter. Instagram. Your website. And most any other social media you can think of.

Done properly, it’s “evergreen” (that’s just a fancy way of saying its always relevant).

Of course, it’s a natural at live events. A compelling video can be an essential prelude to a successful “ask”.

And don’t forget: it can be used with email campaigns. The beauty of video is the ability to also slice-and-dice your main video into smaller pieces, or “installments” – and create a campaign with the pieces you carve out. This allows you to focus on the individual messages, or stories, that live within your video.

A final thought

A final thought

Video can be a superb way to launch a major campaign.

To build awareness. Strengthen relationships. Find money. Connect with your community.

It can also be the perfect way to wrap one up.

As you’re planning your video project don’t overlook this seldom-deployed tactic. A video “thank you” message from your group and the individuals you serve can help cement bonds in a way that a written message can’t do alone.

Think your group can’t afford video?

Think your group can’t afford video?

You can.

Your budget may be small. That’s ok. Your results can still be huge.

We’re highly skilled in working with non-profits and associations with a wide range of budgets. And we can help you get the very most out of your budget.

“Thank you for making our video and ensuring we all look like rock stars. It was great to work with you. When we shared the video at our conference, attendees remarked on the professionalism and quality of the video and message. It was a great addition to our celebration luncheon.”

<strong>Brenda Orffer, CAE</strong><br /><em>Executive Vice President, Washington Health Care Association</em> Brenda Orffer, CAE
Executive Vice President, Washington Health Care Association

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