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Even when you have to do it yourself,
you don’t have to do it alone

Because of Shelter in Place, video has become the predominant form of communication for the business world.

Just at a time when companies and associations would most benefit from professional video production, we can’t come out and shoot those videos for you – at least not yet.

Nonetheless, you can still get all kinds of video help from Grant and K’ai of MMGVP remotely during quarantine.

When you suddenly have to do it for yourself, we can guide you.

Think of us as your remote video production coaches.

Remote Coaching
on Video Projects

Remote Coaching<br /> on Video Projects

To help you and your business during these difficult times, we are now offering remote coaching on video production.

Even remotely, we can guide you with your video set-up.

We’ll advise you on how to light your space, frame your shot, improve sound quality, and organize your video shoot.

We’ll even offer hair, clothing, and makeup recommendations specific to you.

If you need your videos to clearly and powerfully communicate your message – without distracting or losing your audience due to poor production quality – we’ve got you covered.

 » Rates start at 150 for up to 1 hour of coaching



Expert Editing
for your DIY Videos

Expert Editing<br /> for your DIY Videos

Now, more than ever, businesses and associations are turning to video to communicate, provide value, and stay top of mind.

At the same time, most people have no training whatsoever on video production and editing.

While we can’t come out and shoot a video for you until Stay at Home is over, if you need your video to look and sound as professional as possible – even though you shot it on your phone! – we can help.

At Magnus Media Group, our video editors know all kinds of ways to work magic on your footage.

In the past month, we’ve helped organizations just like yours create polished, engaging videos – remotely! – with our editing services.

As a nimble two-person editing team, we can turn your videos around quickly to get your content promptly out to the world.

If you’d like stay ahead of the curve with professional video editing for your record-at-home videos, contact us today.

» Rates start at 300 for up to 2 hours of editing time


NFP Virtual
Fundraising Appeals

NFP Virtual<br /> Fundraising Appeals

In this time of quarantine and uncertainty, nonprofits are turning to virtual fundraisers to get the vital funding they need to keep their organizations running.

If you’re a nonprofit leader, in the past you may have relied on a compelling, in-person appeal at your fundraiser to reach your goals.

Now, it seems your only option is a video that you record yourself – and chances are, video is not your specialty. You know that no matter how heartfelt, a video that’s hard to hear, watch, or take action on may lose donors.

How can you make a DIY video that’s engaging enough to motivate support – from your home?

That’s where we come in. Magnus Media Group can work our editing magic on your homemade video. In almost no time and with just a small investment, you’ll have an engaging, polished video that showcases your mission and makes it easy for viewers to donate.

We make the process simple and affordable for you with three levels of production:

  • Premium+:   Branded overlay, slide deck, and music bed. Includes pre-production consultation
  • Premium:   Branded overlay and slide deck. Includes pre-production consultation
  • Basic:   Branded Overlay and contact information

Contact us now to see which version is right for your group.

» Rates start at 450.

Click here for package details and pricing




Testimonial Reels

Branded <br /> Testimonial Reels

If you have customers who love you – and we bet you do! – there’s no time like the present to ask them to record a video testimonial for you! And, there’s no one like Magnus Media Group to create a superb, branded testimonial reel from those videos.

We’ll help you show the world how wonderful you are – in your customer’s own words!

How does it work? Well, right now, everyone is on Zoom and other video chat services. They’re primed to be on camera and record! Without even setting up a camera or holding a phone, they can record a testimonial for you.

You collect the testimonials, send them to us with your logo and branding specs, and we’ll make you a marvelous testimonial reel in a format like the one in the video to the left.

Then, you can share your elegant, compelling testimonial reel on all your social media channels and your website, to help generate interest and engagement with your brand, even during quarantine.

» Rates start at 450




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