<h1>Conference & Event Video: <br><span>Live, Virtual, Hybrid</span></h1>

Conference & Event Video:
Live, Virtual, Hybrid

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Whether live, virtual, or hybrid event
The Show Will Go On
when you hire us

Since our founding, we've been all over this country, filming events just like yours.
In the past two years, we've provided video production and tech support for multiple virtual conferences and events.
In short, we’ve got you covered.

As you might imagine, our 40+ combined years of experience in live-event video production and show biz come in mighty handy when it comes to getting it right the first time.

Time and again, our team steps in, steps up, and takes charge. The pressure is off you (and on us) to deliver compelling video.

That’s exactly what we do. On time. Every time.

We’ve developed a thorough, no-detail-left-behind production process that creates a seamless, turn-key experience for you. Whether your event is on-site or online; whether it lasts an hour or a week; we’ve got you covered.

We have the technical and creative chops to do more than film extraordinarily well. We also take great care to ensure the audio segment of your video sparkles and shines in concert with the video. And then we edit, edit, edit to ensure video that exactly meets your needs.

Our Sweet Spots:

We pair the right technology with extensive experience, extraordinary stamina and exceptional
creative chops. We’re a nimble, Seattle-based (but nationally-deployed) group that can handle anything
(and we do mean anything) that comes our way.

You can count on us for outstanding results in:

Promotional Trailers
Lecture Production
Virtual Events
Event Highlights & Sizzle Reels

Promotional Trailers

Promotional Trailers
Promote your event to increase engagement and boost attendance

Create excitement leading up to your event with your own “movie trailer”-style promo video – whether your event is live, virtual, or hybrid!

Trailers engage (and often entertain) on a visceral level. You can build anticipation – and registrations! – by sharing across social media, email, and your website.

Lecture Production

Lecture Production
Whether your event is live or virtual, we make sure your educational content looks and sounds great!
  • On-site lecture production for live events
  • Pre-production for virtual events
  • Remote coaching and professional editing available for speakers who need to record themselves for reasons of distance or health
Show off the quality of your programs and re-purpose your content in multiple ways
  • Create an educational library available to the public, or make it exclusive to your membership.
  • Use clips from lectures to promote your next event
  • Speaker demo production available as a bonus for your speakers



Virtual Events

Virtual Events
Fully pre-recorded events provide high production quality for your audience, and peace of mind for you

There are many reasons you may want to make your event virtual:

  • Convenience – Speaker and attendees participate in the comfort of their home or office, whether for a conference, an awards show, or a fundraiser
  • Inclusion – Virtual events have limited (if any) travel or venue costs, which broadens your potential audience. Organizations can register more people for the same budget. Individuals can attend for significantly less investment
  • Safety – Pandemic related health concerns are eliminated when your event is 100% virtual
  • Peace of mind – When everything is pre-recorded and can be “cleaned up in post,” there are no surprises the day of your event


Need an on-camera emcee or professional voiceover for your virtual event?

Both Grant and K’ai of Magnus Media Group are professional emcees and voiceover talents. We can emcee your event from “virtually” anywhere, through the magic of green-screening!


Event Highlights and Sizzle Reels

Event Highlights and Sizzle Reels
Maintain engagement and keep the “buzz” going long after your event

After your event, a rich highlight reel can build interest in future events and remind attendees of everything they learned – and how much fun they had!

And for those who didn’t attend? They’ll get to see exactly what they missed – pretty much guaranteeing their participation next time.

Use event highlights and sizzle reels to:

  • Share attendee and vendor testimonials
  • Demonstrate the value of your event to your stakeholders
  • Shine a spotlight on your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Showcase your company or association 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

“Grant and K’ai are true video experts. They are skilled in capturing interesting shots and deliver a product that is online ready for our website.”

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Geo-Institute of the ASCE

Big. Small.
We’ve handled it all.

From single camera recordings of small meetings to full production
services (Lights! Camera! Action!) of live events, we’ve been all over the country, in all sorts of venues. We’re here to help you create a meaningful live experience that can be watched across your company (or the globe!).

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