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Conferences & Live Events

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There’s no time
for “do-overs”
at live events

We’ve been all over this country, filming events just like yours.
So yup — we’ve got you covered.

As you might imagine, our 40+ combined years of experience in live-event video production and show biz come in mighty handy when it comes to getting it right the first time (yes – your read that correctly – 40+ years!).

Time and again, our team steps in, steps up, and takes charge. The pressure is off you (and on us) to deliver compelling video.

That’s exactly what we do. On time. Every time.

We’ve developed a thorough, no-detail-left-behind production process that creates a seamless, turn-key experience for you. Whether your live event lasts an hour or a week, we’ve got you covered.

And because we aren’t just a couple of random college students with video cameras, we have the technical and creative chops to do more than film extraordinarily well. We also take great care to ensure the audio segment of your video sparkles and shines in concert with the video. And then we edit, edit, edit to ensure video that exactly meets your needs.

Our 5 Sweet Spots:

We pair bleeding-edge technology with extensive experience, extraordinary stamina and exceptional
creative chops. We’re a nimble, Seattle-based (but nationally-deployed) group that can handle anything
(and we do mean anything) that comes our way.

You can count on us for outstanding results in:

Post-event highlights of your trade show, conference, or grand opening
Lecture production (just wait until you hear about our “ELP” services!)
Promotional trailers Build excitement socially leading up to your event
Attendee & Exhibitor Testimonials real-life accounts of your event
On-site dailies A “Highlight Reel” to recap each day’s events

Event Highlights

Event <span>Highlights</span>
Showcase the success of your event with highlights — the
perfect vehicle to keep you front and center.

A rich highlight reel can build interest in future events, drive inquiries from sponsors, and remind your team of everything they learned (or how much fun they had!). And for those who didn’t attend? They’ll get to see exactly what they missed – pretty much guaranteeing their participation next time.

Use event highlights to share attendee and vendor testimonials (hello, social proof!), and to shine a spotlight on your sponsors, exhibitors, and – most importantly – your company or association. 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.

Enhanced Lecture Production (ELP)

Enhanced Lecture Production <span>(ELP)</span>
We’ll take you — and your viewers – light years beyond a standard video lecture.

Forget the sad PowerPoint with voice-over. Even worse? Videos that toggle back and forth between the speaker and their slides (so 1990s!).

Our enhanced lecture production allows viewers to see every detail, of every slide – footnotes, and all – from the comfort of their home or office via your website or YouTube Channel (don’t worry – we can help with those, too!).

With ELP you’ll be able to:

  • Showcase the quality of your programs. Build credibility. Fill seats.
  • Fulfill your educational charter (and we totally get how critical
    this is)
  • Share without limits, and engage viewers around the world

ELP will revolutionize how you think about the potential of live learning events.

Promotional trailers

Promotional <span>trailers</span>
Turns out the people in Hollywood are pretty darn smart.

They’ve known for a long time that nothing builds excitement like a sneak preview.

You can create that same excitement with your own “movie trailer” video. Create that, “I want it!” feeling and build demand. Simply and cost-effectively.

Trailers engage (and often entertain) on a visceral level. You can up the excitement by sharing across media – Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter – or via email, or your website. And don’t forget live events – trailers can really pack a punch with your

Testimonial videos

<span>Testimonial</span> videos
If you think adding a headshot to a testimonial increases
credibility, wait until you see what video can do!

Video testimonials, recorded on-site at your conference or event, capture the energy and excitement of your attendees — inspiring future registrations, and increasing brand and association loyalty.

Got a trade show? Exhibitors love the chance to talk about what they do, and why they’re at your show. Their enthusiasm can encourage their colleagues — and even their competitors – to sign up for your next event.

Testimonials can be added to event highlights, or parsed into mini-soundbites perfect for social media.

On-site Dailies

On-site <span>Dailies</span>
The first day of the conference is over. Whew!
But our job is just beginning.

We’re hard at work, creating on-site “dailies” – a video segment that you can use in multiple ways. At the end of each day, we can get compelling dailies in your hands.

If you don’t know what a “daily” is, just think of it as a highlight reel of the day’s events.

Share your dailies on day two of your event. Post on Facebook or
Twitter to spark discussion (and maybe even increase walk-in
registration) or showcase them via projection screens during lunch at the event.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to have seventeen certifications in Facebook advertising to get these babies out the door and working for you. We create the dailies; we send you the link. All you have to do is post that link wherever you want to showcase your event (hint: think Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for starters).

P.S. Dailies are fabulous sponsorship opportunities. More money in your pocket; more reach for both you and your sponsors. Might be worth thinking about!

“Grant and his wife K’ai are true video experts. They are skilled in capturing interesting shots and deliver a product that is online ready for our website.”

<strong>Linda Bayer</strong><br /><em>Geo-Institute of the ASCE</em> Linda Bayer
Geo-Institute of the ASCE

Big. Small.
We’ve handled it all.

From single camera recordings of small meetings to full production
services (Lights! Camera! Action!) of live events, we’ve been all over the country, in all sorts of venues. We’re here to help you create a meaningful live experience that can be watched across your company (or the globe!).

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