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Legacy Video

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Celebrate your life stories with video

Every family has a storyteller

Your grandfather, your sister, your great-aunt Bea. You.

Legacy videos, or “video biographies,” allow storytellers to capture cherished moments from their past. While family photo albums packed with snapshots have their place, video adds voice.

And voice adds nuance, dimension, and a frame of reference to a story. Not only does it bring the tale alive, it captures it – forever – and carries the story into the future.

Video adds life to story and adds stories to lives.

We are passionate about documenting voices in a way that’s both personal and authentic. The result? The stories of your loved ones live on.

Video adds voice

Video adds voice

Who in your life holds the stories you want to hear? Whose voice needs to be shared?

Often our elders are the holders of rich lore (and sometimes just plain old embarrassing tales). They know all about great-aunt Gertrude, and great-uncle Joe. Details about your great-great-grandparents, and how they began their life in this country. And stories of their own lives — full of rich detail, laughter, and sorrow.

Or maybe it’s the story of your life. Your first “real” job. That first date with your partner. The birth of a child. These big milestones are often the focus of legacy videos.

But legacy video is just as compelling when it comes to sharing the smaller stories. Stories that elicit a giggle (or a full-on belly-laugh).

Like the time your grandmother accidentally substituted salt for sugar when baking a cake to celebrate a big family. Or your grandfather’s pet name for his vintage car. A favorite song that your parents danced to in their youth.

And dozens more memories, all unique to the storyteller; all important to friends and family.

Pass on wit, wisdom, and a wealth of memories

Pass on wit, wisdom, and a wealth of memories

Family stories and family history. Shared by those you love, in their unique and precious voices.

Legacy video lasts for generations. Crystal clear. Captured forever.

Don’t let cherished memories slip away

Don’t let cherished memories slip away

Time has a funny way of sneaking up on us.

And with every moment that passes, memories fade. Those all-important, formerly razor-sharp details become fuzzy … and begin to slip away.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Video biographies can tame the memory monster and create a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Milestone Celebration videos

Milestone Celebration videos

We’ve all got them – those really huge milestone moments. Anniversaries, birthdays, mitzvahs, quinceaneras. Piano recitals, dance performances, playoff games. A surprise marriage proposal at a family party (how cool would it be to capture that on film?).

Regardless of how mainstream or out-there your milestone may be, we can capture the energy, excitement, and every amazing emotion.

Be the star of your next milestone life event. Let’s capture that magic … forever.

Your life is
our next great story

Your life is <br />our next great story

Now is the time to create an experience which links friends and families to memories they can cherish … forever

“Thank you for the GREAT job you did on the video for Celebration of Hope!…Amazing how you were able to edit all of our rambling content into a very concise, touching, pertinent piece. Plus, you were both wonderful to work with!”

<strong>Maija Eerkes</strong><br /><em>Pancreatic Cancer Action Network/Celebration of Hope Gala</em> Maija Eerkes
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network/Celebration of Hope Gala

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