On Camera with K’ai: Jessica Morrison and K’ai discuss video and digital media for leadership and executive coaches

By K’ai Roberts Fu on March 30, 2021

In this interview, Jessica Shade Morrison of Seaside Digital Design and K’ai Roberts Fu of Magnus Media Group Video Production discuss video and digital marketing for executive and leadership coaches.



Are you an executive or leadership coach who has been wondering how to set yourself apart from the competition online?  Today K’ai Roberts Fu, of Magnus Media Group Video Production – a video production company –  https://www.magnusmediavideo.com/ and Jessica Shade Morrison, founder of Seaside Digital Design And Marketing – https://www.seasidedigitaldesign.com/ – talk about digital branding and website design for coaches, and how you can use a digital footprint to promote yourself and your business online.

Jessica brings 20 years of experience with sales and marketing with multi-million dollar companies and now primarily works with website design for executive and leadership coaches.  She believes image creates impact; therefore, digital branding must set one apart from the competition and match the product provided to clients.

K’ai and Jessica discuss what digital marketing encompasses.  Jessica defines a digital presence as consisting of your website, social media, email, video content that you produce, and anything that makes up a digital footprint.  A digital footprint is actually your digital branding that is your own marketing to set you apart as unique.

K’ai asks Jessica to further explain particular marketing challenges for coaches, and how to overcome them.

Jessica explains that that niching down is challenging because it requires specializing in one area to distinguish the niche. Niching down draws referrals more easily because the marketing exactly matches the service from inception, rather than presenting a diffuse presence.  This distinguishing branding in representative imagery, graphics, etc. should be consistent in all the business’ digital media across the internet.

K’ai supports giving clarity and a clear demonstration across the entire internet that represents who the businessperson is, what they do and specifically who they work with.

Jessica believes it is also important to the end user to know exactly what particular difference it will make if they invest in or hire this company.  “What’s in it for me” is the key to a potential client.

K’ai requests Jessica to talk about the importance of incorporating more video in marketing to set the business apart and to express how the business is going to benefit the client.

Jessica asserts that video is the fastest way to gain the “know and trust” factor that resonates and connects with potential clients.

K’ai asks Jessica to discuss balancing personally produced recordings versus professionally produced video.

Jessica states that personal recordings for social media is expected, but strongly advises that to immediately attract clients, one should invest in professional media, such as photography, videography and anything with a digital footprint, especially for your website.

K’ai and Jessica discuss share experiences of overcoming the fear or discomfort of being on camera.  Both agree that professional video reduces camera fear by providing guidance, and including re-takes that result in a product that you are comfortable with others seeing.

K’ai and Jessica conclude by emphasizing the accelerated rapport that professional video introduces to marketing. 


  • [00:15] K’ai welcomes and introduces Jessica, a website designer for executive and leadership coaches
  • [00:46] Jessica shares how she came across the niche of working with leadership coaches and executive coaches
  • [01:23] Jessica tells us that image is a lot when it comes to executive and leadership coaching and being able to set themselves apart
  • [01:37] K’ai asks what digital marketing encompasses
  • [01:48] Jessica talks about your digital footprint
  • [02:00] K’ai asks about the marketing challenges for executive and leadership coaches and how Jessica helps her clients overcome them
  • [02:09] Jessica says how her clients set themselves apart is one of the biggest marketing challenges for executive and leadership coaches
  • [02:48] Jessica further explains how she works with her clients to make it immediately clear what they specialize in when someone lands on their social media page or website
  • [03:10] A common mistake people make is not having their website and social accounts in sync – consistency is key
  • [03:47] K’ai points out that Jessica gives them clarity and a clear demonstration or representation of who they are and who specifically they work with all across the internet
  • [03:59] Jessica talks about transformation and why it’s important – the “what’s in it for me”
  • [04:37] K’ai asks about the importance of incorporating more video
  • [04:46] Jessica talks about how video is the fastest way to get that like, know, and trust factor in a society of shorter attention spans – personal connection
  • [05:53] K’ai asks what balance Jessica recommends between DIY and social media-recording yourself on LinkedIn – versus professionally produced video?
  • [06:00] Jessica talks about knowing there is a time and place for everything – when to DIY and when you need to have a more professional look
  • [06:23] Jessica advises people you don’t want to skimp in professional videography – you get so much bang for your buck
  • [06:58] Jessica reiterates the importance of being on brand even while working from home
  • [07:13] K’ai asks what challenges Jessica’s clients may face about being on video
  • [07:21] Jessica talks about how not feeling comfortable is the number one challenge, but it’s something that can be worked on with time
  • [08:02] K’ai talks about how she went from being behind the scenes to being a spokesperson for her company and how it took time to be comfortable on camera –
  • [08:27] K’ai goes on to talk about how being aware of what you look on camera in the first step to being comfortable in a professional video
  • [09:25] Jessica talks about a personal experience she had with being on camera – when she did a segment on a cooking show – and how she realized the amount of work and time that goes into producing
  • [10:03] Jessica encourages people to invest in professional video because it really draws people in and builds rapport that is best conveyed through video
  • [10:22] A fun and easy way to incorporate video on your website it to have it on your “about” page – video stands out over text and photos for engaging your audience
  • [10:52] K’ai mentions the “about” page videos are some of her favorites to produce
  • [10:57] K’ai thanks Jessica and asks her how people can connect with her


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