On Camera with K’ai: Kristin Heffley and K’ai talk websites, marketing and video for business

By K’ai Roberts Fu on February 11, 2021

In this new video interview, Kristin Heffley of Caffeinated Design Studio and K’ai Roberts Fu of Magnus Media Group Video Production talk about website design, marketing, and how to integrate video most effectively into your business or association marketing plan.



Have you ever wondered what advantage having a strategically designed video on your website could add to your business? Today K’ai Roberts Fu, of Magnus Media Group Video Production – a video production company-  https://www.magnusmediavideo.com/ and Kristin Heffley of Caffeinated Design Studio, https://caffeinatedcommunications.com/​ in the Seattle area talk about maximizing business interest through strategic planning of website video designs for all businesses ranging from the tiniest solopreneur and micro business to small businesses as well as the large associations.

Kristin believes the purpose of design and layout is to communicate content; therefore, videos should be designed around the content of the website to both feature the message and maximize page load speed. Kristin shares techniques for mitigating the slowing down of page load speed when adding video.

Kristin also highlights the importance of incorporating a video into a website – website design promo videos, corporate videos, social media marketing videos,and professional branded videos to name a few. Videos direct more people to the website and keep them engaged longer – videos put your story in motion. This engagement boosts numbers and conversion rates which helps optimize search engine results.  Finally, a well-designed video better conveys the nuances of brand personality – which is a great way to utilize brand story telling – and appeals to all audiences, including those who prefer visual and auditory platforms over reading.

K’ai and Kristin discuss the types of foreground and background videos and different ways that business can convey emotions and feelings, or focus on messaging, through the use of these techniques.  They conclude that any company of any size can use video to effectively message their purpose, to add movement and interest to the website, to connect emotionally with their ideal customers, and to gain more traffic and customers.


  • [00:13] K’ai introduces Kristin
  • [01:57] Kristin discusses the purpose of design and layout in communicating website content
  • [03:17] K’ai asks about Kristin’s favorite businesses to work with
  • [03:52] Kristin shares design developer resources for all businesses, including prepaid blocks of rollover hours
  • [04:18] K’ai wonders about the advantages of incorporating video into a website from a design perspective
  • [04:37] Kristin’s response includes to convey brand personality and individual personality in a way that you just can’t do with print
  • [05:04] Google’s search results that display videos that directs traffic to the website, prolongs interest and boosts numbers, conversion rates, and SEO results
  • [05:35] Kristin talks about how video marketing can increase your trustworthiness and credibility
  • [06:12] Kristin talks about how video affects design and layout, and the importance of page load speed
  • [06:40] K’ai asks about the challenges encountered in incorporating video into a website and Kristin discusses considerations of hosting, risks of uploading while using shared servers, reducing file size, and overcoming the innate fear of personally recording a video
  • [08:45] K’ai talks about how she has personal experience being thrown on camera and how that helps her empathize and soothe people before they go on video
  • [09:45] Kristin speaks to the importance of giving yourself grace when on camera
  • [10:06] K’ai inquires about the particular businesses that would benefit from video and Kristin enumerates different ways various businesses can use video to optimize communication and connect with targeted audiences
  • [10:46] Kristin talks about the concept of “emotional contagion”and how it functions positively in video
  • [11:19] K’ai and Kristin compare the ways video can either convey emotions and feelings or focus on messaging through the use of background or foreground video
  • [12:15] K’ai questions Kristin about the catalyst for starting the Caffeinated Design Studio and Kristin shares her intriguing start-up story
  • [13:00] K’ai wraps up the exchange by thanking Kristin and inviting the audience to visit the caffeinateddesign.studio website or @getcaffeinated on Instagram

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  • A la carte services – Options include script and content review, coaching on video set up, and editing of existing footage such as a speaker demo reel.

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